Layered Living® New Baby Course™

Little Babies Bring BIG Changes!

It’s normal for expectant parents to feel overwhelmed by all the unknowns when preparing for a baby.

Comprehensive prenatal, postpartum, and early parenting education is invaluable to the health of both Baby and Mom in labor and post-birth.

Unfortunately, most prenatal programs fall short.

Likewise, very few expectant mothers are taught what they need to know in order to write an effective birth plan or how to prepare for possible changes to their original plan.

This leaves parents feeling unable to advocate effectively for themselves during labor and birth and at a greater risk of experiencing birth trauma.

Stressful birth experiences and the mismatch between expectation and reality leave new moms feeling alone in their postpartum recovery, uncertain in their new role as a parent, and may worsen their physical and mental health for years to come.

It doesn’t have to be this way!

What You Want:

  • A joyful, empowered birth experience

  • Confidence that you’re going to rock parenthood

  • Long-term infant and family health

What It Takes to Get This:

  • Reliable, Up-to-Date Information

  • Meaningful Support That You Can Count On

  • Effective Action - meaning you know what to do and how to do it!

With the Layered Living® New Baby Course™, you get all three.

(I wish I’d had this when I was pregnant with my first child!)

New Baby Course™

This 12-week online program for expectant parents delivers happier births for mothers and better health for families all through a safe, online platform.

In this comprehensive childbirth and newborn program, we will remove the unknowns about birth and post-birth recovery, give you the ability to confidently advocate for yourself, and provide you with the foundation needed to care for your new baby with confidence.

Led by Laurel Otey

Creator of the Fail-Proof Birth Plan™ - Have a voice in your birth no matter how your baby is delivered!

Layered Living® Client Testimonials

The New Baby Course™ brings more joy to parenthood!

"you handed me my power back."

Karie-Lynn B., Cole's Mom

"it was very tailored to our needs and desires."

Olivia & Alex B., Eloise's Mom & Dad

"It helped my husband and i be on the same page."

Hannah H., Cora's Mom

"She's Amazing! You won't have any questions."

Alexandra R., Lila's Mom

Course Content

third trimester

Plan for Your Birth & New Baby

In this module, you will begin preparing your body and mind for labor and birth, as well as your home and family for your new baby.


  • Natural Induction Methods

  • Reducing Fear & Pain in Birth

  • Preparing for Baby

  • Support Tips for Dads & Partners

Labor & Birth

Remove the Mystery Around Birth

You will learn about the various possible birth methods in this module and the options available to you so you can make informed choices.


  • Stages of Labor & Birth

  • Pain Relief - Natural & Meds

  • Medical Interventions

  • C-Section Delivery Options


Create Your Fail-Proof Birth Plan™

In this module, you will discover what information is needed in every birth plan and how to make your birth plan "fail-proof."


  • Benefits of a Birth Plan

  • Your Fail-Proof Birth Plan™

  • How to Advocate Confidently

  • Preparing Your Support Team

Newborn Procedures

Your First Parenting Decisions

In this module, you will consider the pros and cons of common newborn procedures and other decisions you will be asked to make for your baby.


  • Baby-Friendly Practices

  • Common Infant Procedures

  • Elective Procedures

  • Your Post-Birth Options


Start Your Breastfeeding Journey

For mothers who plan to breastfeed, this module will help you get started and identify the resources needed to resolve common problems.


  • Breastfeeding Guidelines

  • Stages of Breastmilk

  • How to Breastfeed

  • Barriers to Breastfeeding

feeding guidelines

Ensure Your Baby is Well-Fed

In this module, you will learn the expert feeding guidelines to ensure your baby is well-nourished and thriving regardless of feeding style.


  • General Feeding Practices

  • Burping Baby

  • Solving Feeding Problems

  • Signs of Food Reactions

infant sleep

Help Your Baby Sleep Soundly

In this module, you will learn how to help your baby sleep safely and happily night and day so that they grow well and cry less.


  • Updated SIDS Guidelines

  • Surviving Sleep Deprivation

  • Healthy Newborn Routines

  • Solving Sleep Problems

newborn care

Confidently Care for Your Baby

You will begin developing the parenting skills needed to confidently care for your baby's short- and long-term wellness needs in this module.


  • Baby Hygiene & Care

  • Infant Hungry & Tired Cues

  • Connecting With Your Baby

  • Sharing the Newborn Care

Postpartum Recovery

Heal Your Body & Mind After Birth

In this module, we shift focus back to Mom as we explore the changes that occur after birth. Learn how to heal physically and emotionally.


  • Healing After Vaginal Birth

  • C-Section Delivery Recovery

  • Post-Birth Emotional Health

  • Postpartum Wellness Resources

Frequently Asked Questions

When should I start taking prenatal classes?

The best time to sign up for prenatal classes is in your second trimester, around 20 weeks pregnant. This helps the information you will need for birth and infant care stay fresh in your mind by the time you deliver. When possible, schedule your prenatal course so that it completes about 1 month before your estimated due date. If your doctor has said you will likely need to deliver early, then you will want to be finished with your prenatal program even sooner.

Expectant parents between 14 - 26 weeks of pregnancy are eligible for the Layered Living® New Baby Course™. However, the recommended time to start the New Baby Course™ is between 20 - 24 weeks.

Should I choose an in-person or online prenatal program?

Pregnant mothers and families with infants and young children are some of our most vulnerable populations. Their risk of getting sick and having severe complications is far higher than the average population.

The Layered Living® New Baby Course™ is an online prenatal and newborn program that enables expectant parents like you to receive the information you need and the support you want from the comfort and safety of your own home.

Is the New Baby Course™ for first-time parents only?

The New Baby Course™ is designed for both first-time and repeat expectant parents. If this is your first baby, then everything is new which makes it hard to figure out what you need to know or who your best resources are when challenges pop up.

Parents who are adding to their family, may be seeking a refresher or a better experience than their first time around. No matter your reason, every expectant parent enrolled in the New Baby Course™ will receive the comprehensive prenatal and parenting education AND personalized support you need to have a positive birth experience and a healthy Baby, Mom, and Family from birth and beyond.

The start to parenthood really can be easier and more fun!

Book your free call to discover how I can help you gain an empowered birth experience and confidently create the foundation needed for your baby to thrive!


© 2016-2024 Layered Living®. All rights reserved.


© 2016-2024 Layered Living®. All rights reserved.