Empowered Birth Program™

80% of pregnant women worry about or fear childbirth.

Are you one of them?

Fear in childbirth is a really big deal.

This fear, alone, increases your risk of:

  • Longer laboring time

  • Assisted vaginal delivery (ex: forceps)

  • Other obstetric interventions

  • Emergency C-section

If you don’t want to be part of this statistic, then it’s time to get informed and take charge of your birth experience.

This means receiving all natural, medically supported, and C-section childbirth education.

It means ensuring your partner is able to advocate on your behalf and ready to support you throughout birth and after.

And it means writing a birth plan that is adaptable and enables you to able to advocate for your needs, rights, and desires.

It's not about expecting the worst.

It's about getting informed so that, if your ideal plan needs to change, you're not having to ask about your options and trying to make major decisions while distracted by contractions. Not only would that be incredibly stressful, but you're also less likely to make a decision you will be happy later when you reflect back on your birth experience.

Unfortunately, generic hospital birth classes don't cut it. You deserve better.

Introducing the...

Discover what to expect and how to take charge of your birth experience, no matter how your baby is born.

Plus, get your partner up-to-speed and ready to be your rock in birth and beyond!


🎉🤰🏻 Gave Us Peace of Mind 🤰🏻🎉

Skip the hospital classes - take Laurel's New Baby prep course!!

As a first time Mom and Dad, we wanted to feel prepared and informed as much as possible around what to expect with pregnancy thru childbirth and Laurel delivered above and beyond! She filled in so many blanks the books leave out and her wisdom of being an amazing mom of 3 herself gave us peace of mind knowing that she's not just speaking from training but through life experience.

We especially loved that her course is personalized and intimate with so many follow up resources to refer back to. For everything she provides, it was such a BARGAIN and well worth it!

Now my husband and I feel like it's "not the first rodeo" and can focus on being excited new parents for our baby's arrival rather than stressed and concerned about what may come next. I really can't say enough great things about Laurel and her class - just take it! I promise you'll be so happy you did!

-Katt & John H.

About the Program:

The Empowered Birth Program™ is organized into five chapters to simplify the learning process and help you quickly find the topics that are relevant to you.

What You'll Learn:

  • CHAPTER 1: Prep Your Body and Mind

  • CHAPTER 2: Naturally Powerful Birth

  • CHAPTER 3: Medically Supported Birth

  • CHAPTER 4: C-section Confident Birth

  • CHAPTER 5: Day One Decisions for Parents

You'll Walk Away With:

  • Natural strategies to make vaginal birth easier and less painful.

  • Ways to create a relaxed, joyful C-section experience even if it’s unplanned.

  • A Fail-Proof Birth Plan™ so you can confidently advocate for yourself no matter how your baby is born.

Plus, Get These Bonuses for FREE:

That’s $700 worth of incredible, money-saving bonuses included for FREE!!

Don't leave your birth experience up to chance; you won't get a redo!

This simple online childbirth program gives you the power to take charge of your birth experience and start to parenthood in just 4 hours.

If you want additional guidance, then add on one-on-one support with me - Laurel Otey, Birth and Family Wellness Educator.



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© 2016-2024 Layered Living®. All rights reserved.