"I'm Pregnant! Now What?"

Pregnancy is a World of Unknowns.

It’s normal to feel overwhelmed by all the unknowns when preparing for your baby.

I know you want to be as prepared as possible for birth and your new baby.

In fact, you’ve probably already spent hours:

  • Googling every single question,

  • Ordering all of the baby books from Amazon,

  • Talking with friends and family about their birth experiences,

  • ... and so on

But dang it's HARD to find up-to-date information you can trust, isn't it?

The endless pit of conflicting advice and misinformation can leave you even more confused than you were when you started! Plus, if you don’t know how to apply all that information you're gathering, then it's not helpful anyway.

If that weren't anxiety provoking enough, the pressure to figure it all out and be a “perfect mom” is overwhelming… and your baby isn’t even here yet!!

It doesn’t have to be this way.

You're invited to...

Supercharge your mom skills before your baby arrives by learning exactly what you need to do in order to be well informed for birth and prepared for parenthood

...without spending your whole pregnancy searching on Google or polling the audience in Facebook Mom Groups!


🌟👶 A Parent's Lifeline! 👶🌟

I have just completed the "I'm Pregnant! Now What?" course by Layered Living and I can confidently say it's a game-changer for expectant parents.

This is my second time working with Laurel, the owner and nurturing force behind Layered Living, and her expertise and genuine care shines through in every aspect of what she delivers.The structured modules cover essential topics from prenatal care to postpartum well-being, offering the practical insights you need.

Laurel goes beyond instruction, providing invaluable tips on self-care, nutrition, and relaxation techniques for both parents and baby. This approach ensures a healthier environment for the entire family.

“I'm Pregnant! Now What?” is a must for any expectant parent.

It equips you with the knowledge, confidence, and support necessary to navigate pregnancy. Thanks to Laurel, I feel much more prepared and excited to welcome my new bundle of joy into the world!

-Olivia B.

About the Program:

The “I’m Pregnant! Now What?“ Program™ is your simplified to-do list of exactly what you need to know and what you need to do while you are still pregnant in order to:

  • Feel more comfortable in pregnancy.

  • Take charge of your birth experience.

  • Get organized for parenthood.

What You'll Learn:

  • MODULE 1: Your Top Pregnancy Questions

  • MODULE 2: How to Prepare for Birth

  • MODULE 3: Your Top To-Do List for Parenthood

Stop wondering and worrying.

This easy-peasy online program provides the answers you need in just 2 hours.

If you want additional guidance, then add on one-on-one support with me - Laurel Otey, Birth and Family Wellness Educator.

Plus, Get These Bonuses for FREE:

Are you ready to simplify your life?



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© 2016-2024 Layered Living®. All rights reserved.